About Presto Roofs


Presto Roofs is a family owned and family operated business which has been in the business of providing custom roofing products and services to Miami area for more than fifty years. We know the Miami weather and the kind of effort that it can take to stay ahead of it. If you’ve had roof damage in Miami in the past, you may have seen what can happen when you use a roofing company which is not local to you and which isn’t a part of the community.

Presto has dealt with all that the Miami climate can throw at their customers and knows firsthand what kind of care needs to go into a roofing project in the Miami area business or residence.

Any Miami roofing company enjoys special challenges when it comes to their customers. Given the high winds and the storms which can come through the area, our services must be right the first time and every time.

Presto Roofs, your locally owned Miami roofing company, enjoys a solid reputation in the area. We’re your neighbor and part of your community. As such we care about the people that we serve.

Presto Roofs is fully committed to helping you to find the kind of quality roofing products that you’re going to require to fit the needs of your home or business. We price our products and our services fairly so that you’re going to get what you want and need in a way that is cost effective and meets your budget.

In addition to our quality roofing services, we’re top notch at customer service. Whether your roof is new and just needs an inspection or is aged and in need of repair or replacement, every customer gets the time and attention that they need and deserve. We won’t try to rush your inspection or your work, but will give it the time and the quality that you want from your home or business. Your roof protects some of the things that are most precious and most important to you. It covers your family, your friends or your employees.

When you want it done right, on time and under budget, you want Presto Roofs to accomplish the task. Call today for a free estimate of your roofing job. Big job or small.,when you contact Presto Roofs, your roofing company in Miami, FL, you are in good hands.

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