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All work, permits and city inspections were completed on schedule.  We greatly appreciated your practice of under-promising and over delivering — almost a novelty in Miami! We have no reservations whatsoever recommending Presto Roofing!

Daniel and Angela Durand – Coral Gables, FL.

Presto Roofing replaced my roof and has stood up to their guarantee of complete satisfaction and great customer service. I highly recommend using them.

A.G. of Cooper City

Presto Roofing was timely, reliable and efficient in the replacement of my townhouse roof.

P.F. of Miami Lakes

Presto Roofing-Quality, Ethical Roofing and Roof Repairs

As a home owner you are aware that your roofing protects the most precious investment--your home and family. Your home is one of the most costly things you will ever buy or own. Keeping it in good working order is imperative.

Presto Roofing--your local roofing company- Miami residents, we know how much you depend on your roofing to keep your home safe and attractive. We prefer that your home reflect well on you and on us. The interior damage which may be caused by shingles or roofing that is worn or a sealant that is not doing its job can be costly to repair. Preventing that kind of damage is what roofing companies like Presto Roofing strive to do.

Why spend more than you need to in order to accomplish a sound roof and a solid high quality roofing company? It isn’t necessary to pay top dollar for your roofing, but it is necessary to determine the best roofing company out there in order to ensure that you’re getting the quality an the attention to detail that you deserve. Roofing jobs should not be given based on a price alone.

Your roofing requires careful attention to detail. Presto Roofing offers that detail and more, top notch customer service and cost effective pricing. We want to be your roofing company. Miamia and the surrounding area knows Presto. Our reputation speaks for itself. Our mission is to ensure that your home and your family are well cared for, warm and dry. Presto roofing brings you the best in roofing products, state of the art methods of sealing, repairing and roofing your home with a view toward longevity and low pricing.

Every home deserves to have the best. Every family deserves to get a high quality job and a price that they can afford. The best way to accomplish that is to ensure that you’ve hired a contractor with good integrity and great customer service.

Family owned and operated for more than fifty years, Presto Roofing provides quality roofing services and inspections in the Miami Lakes area.

We serve our community with pride. Your services are provided by your neighbors and your friends. Living among you means that we depend on you and families like you for our business and our repeat business. Presto Roofing guarantees that our roofing will stand up to rain, snow, hail and nearly anything that mother nature can throw at you. If you're looking for a high quality, ethical roofing service at a reasonable price, Presto Roofing is here to help.

Our Services Include:

Sealing-edging and the roofing may at times lift from the wind. Sealing and repair is just a part of what Presto Roofing can offer.

Repair-lifted areas of roofing can let in rain and wind. Very often this happens from storms or high winds which may damage roofing that is older and in disrepair. Presto Roofing will give you the kind of repairs that you want at a price that you can afford.

Roofing-Full roofing jobs for either business or residential are just a part of what Presto Roofing can offer you.

Roof Inspections-After a severe storm or high wind storm where damages have taken place, every home requires a good roofing inspection to ensure that the roof is in sound condition. Get yours from a good quality roofing company who takes pride in their ethics and personalized service.

To learn more about our residential or commercial roofing services or get a free quote for your roofing job, call us today at 305-720-2127 or contact us via email at

  • Family Owned & Operated for 50 Years

    After operating for 50 years in the roofing industry, we've learned how to do the job right the first time. Presto Roofing provides prompt and dependable roofing service. When you call us, you deal directly with the owner who supervises every job. That's our commitment to first class service.
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  • Integrity

    We are committed to helping you find the best quality products to fit your needs and match an affordable budget. We price our products fairly and work hard to ensure our customers get exactly what you want.
  • Free Roof Estimate

    Whether a roof is new, leaking, has been damaged, or just subject to the natural course of time and whether, presto roofing can provide you with a free roof estimate, peace of mind, and the potential business relationship to get the job done.
  • First Class Service

    Whether you are planning improvements, facing damage reconstruction or selling your property, Presto Roofing offers roofing solutions to enhance the look and value of the entire premises. Our roofing crew is a group of highly experienced certified professionals that treat every project as her own personal property.

Miami Roofing Considerations: Brick Homes and the Right Roof Color

The color of your roof might not be something that you have ever bothered to think about. However, if you want to build a new home or have to replace the roof of your current residence, it will surely become one of your big concerns. When that happens, make sure that you and your Miami roofing contractor are on the same page, so that the latter will install a roof that blends well with the exterior design of your home.


Hire a Quality Miami Roofing Company for Tile Installation and Repair

Tile roofing is among the most popular roofing material choices in Florida. Many locals love it because of its classic appearance and the ease with which it can be customized to match the home aesthetic. However, with the threat of mildew, algae, and moss ever-present in the Sunshine State, along with the occurrence of heavy rains and hurricanes, keeping a tile roof clean is imperative to maintain its beauty and extend its service life.


What Homeowners Should Know about Hiring a Roofing Company in Miami

The importance of your roof as your home’s primary source of weather protection is evidenced by how much the rest of your house will suffer should it be damaged. This compels many people to find a reliable Miami roofing company to do repairs after a bad storm or any other calamity. What many take for granted, though, is the simple act of choosing their roofer carefully.

Proper Miami Roofing Maintenance Promotes a Safe and Healthy Home

The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH), a non-profit organization advocating the establishment of “healthy, safe, and green homes”, has come up with the “Seven Principles of a Healthy Home” to help prevent diseases and accidents within the home. Five of the principles published on their website,, interestingly points to the need for proper roofing maintenance.

Metal and Maintenance: How a Roofing Company in Miami Can Help Fireproof Your Home

Wildfires ravage various states in the country, particularly those in the West. Such wildfire-prone areas suffer from little to large fires that can easily spread in residential areas and result in destroyed homes and lost lives. Thus, with more and more families opting to live in rural areas near woodlands and grasslands, state officials are taking steps to ensure the safety of residents. (more…)

Quality and Well-Maintained Roofing in Miami is the Solution to Your Roof Problems

Natural disasters are inevitable and oftentimes unpredictable. Hurricanes, wildfires, and storms occasionally visit the U.S. and sometimes leave a path of destruction in their wake. Just last August 6, 2013, a hail storm battered the city of New London in Minnesota and destroyed hundreds of homes and commercial buildings. (more…)

Call Our New Customer Service Team for All Your Miami Roofing Concerns

Roofing is a serious business and we know how valuable our customers’ time and resources are, and it is our mission to provide first-class services that meet, if not exceed our clients’ expectations. And to give you better and more reliable Miami roofing services, Presto Roofs brings you the new and improved customer service team who will assist you in all of your roofing concerns. (more…)

Get Discounts Off Roof Repair Costs From a Miami Roofing Company


Summer’s ending, but our reputable Miami roofing company is keeping the promotion running. Just ask about our Summer Special and get 10% off on your roof repair costs!

On Preparing Roofing in Miami for Hurricane Season

A June 1, 2013 article on NBC News’ website underlines the danger posed by the upcoming hurricane season. Officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecast that the hurricanes for the year 2013 are “…above normal and possibly extremely active.” Meteorologists say that there’s a very high chance that the coast will get hit directly by at least one hurricane.

Florida experiences hurricane season every single year, which can be very tough for the locals. The severe weather condition is capable of leveling homes to the ground, or at the very least blow it down, bit by bit. Homeowners are called to carefully monitor the status of their roofing in Miami, as the strong and terrible winds these hurricanes bring can whittle down shingles and tiles.


The article follows the observations of the meteorologists, who say that warm seas help increase moisture and lower air pressure. Such conditions are responsible for forming tropical hurricanes that devastate America’s coastlines. The waters might only be 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than before, but it’s more than enough to cause violent storms.

The NOAA predicts that between 13 to 20 tropical storms will form, and about 7 to 11 of them will turn into hurricanes. Of those, about 3 to 6 will escalate into major hurricanes that can cause the most destruction of all of them. The meteorologists warn those who live next to the shore that it only takes one hurricane making landfall to create a hurricane season, since the storm systems typically pull others behind them or act as catalysts for new ones.

Miami has a pronounced hurricane season that runs from June to November, and the severe weather always manages to ruin someone’s roof. As the winds get stronger, so does the damage on roofing increase; it’s not uncommon to find several shingles and tiles blown apart from the top of a house. Locals should get in touch with roofing contractors in Miami, like Presto Roofing, in order to mend their damaged shelters in time for another storm.

The NOAA’s warning shouldn’t be ignored; hurricanes can cause disasters on an unprecedented scale, and those who are unprepared are sure to get themselves in trouble when the storms make landfall. Households should be well-prepared for such conditions, and it all begins with securing the home. Miami locals are called to ensure that their roofs can withstand the forces of nature.

Roofing Company in Miami: Ensuring Better Roof Maintenance

The roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home, but oftentimes, it is also the most overlooked. Most homeowners, however, can be forgiven for the oversight because people don’t usually look up to the roof. You really have to make the extra effort to look at your roofing system, and that can be rather risky.

However, installing a new roof is a costly proposition, as reported by Jeanne Huber in an article posted on, a website maintained by the National Association of Realtors. The average cost of composition shingles is around $18,800 while those with better quality can go as high as $36,000 as quoted from Remodeling magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report. This can vary in other states like Florida or in its cities, but with an investment like that, you should only rely on a reputable roofing company in Miami, for example, to handle the installation.

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